When is it time to review your insurance coverage?

When is it time to review your insurance coverage?

| December 20, 2021

As things change with time, you might forget the little things that can amount to big changes. If forgotten, you might be suffering avoidable losses.   

It is a good idea to set aside a time every year to review any changes that have occurred over the past 12 months and decide if your insurance coverage is at its best. 

Ideally, you have an independent insurance agent as someone you can reach out to. 

Set an appointment and ask what information you should bring along with you. In the digital world we live in, you can generally send any information through email and conduct the entire meeting virtually if this works better for you.


Things that would affect your coverage include changes in family size. The addition of a new family member will change your insurance needs. 

Did you get married or have a child? Have you had an elderly family member move in with you?

You need to consider anyone who is relying on you for their wellbeing to be covered.

Has anything changed with dependents? Has a child started driving? If so, this needs to be addressed before they start driving. 

Has a child moved out, gone to college or moved out of your house?These are all things that need to be reviewed with your agent. 

Next, we need to look at income. Has your income changed over the last year? When will you look at retiring? 

If your income has increased you may need to look at additional coverage. 

Be sure to let your agent know any time you make a major change in jobs or careers.

Have you assumed any new debt? New home, or a big remodel? Your homeowners policy may need an update.

What about a new business? Anything that creates new obligations that you are responsible for, needs to be brought up at your check-up. 

Are there any co-debtors on your responsibilities? There should be coverage to protect all parties that could be left “holding the bag” in the case of one party’s demise. 

Have you made any other major purchases? Did you get a boat or a 2nd home? 

Medical and Disability coverage should be reviewed as well.

Just like your annual physical check up, make an appointment for an insurance check up. Your independent agent will tell you everything you need to know. 

Here at Crunelle Insurance, we will explain options and create the best custom coverage for you and your family. Planning ahead to create seamless transitions for every stage of your life. 

Contact us for a custom quote or to schedule your insurance check-up today!