Is Your Home Protected From Water Backup?

Is Your Home Protected From Water Backup?

| September 13, 2019

Is Your Home Protected From Water Backup?

Home insurance is crucial to protecting your home and belongings from unforeseen circumstances. Standard home insurance covers a variety of hazards that most homeowners face, like fire, theft, and accidents on your property. 

However, there are additional coverage options you may want to consider to make your home insurance policy even stronger.

Water Backup

What would happen if you came home today to find a failing sump pump or a backed-up floor drain? Who would pay to repair your water-damaged possessions? If you have a basic home insurance policy, you’re probably not covered.


Make Sure You’re Protected

Water backup is an optional coverage that can be added to your home insurance policy. This inexpensive addition may help pay for a claim resulting from water damage, so you’re not left paying for repairs entirely out of pocket. Remember, a basic home insurance policy doesn’t cover water backup, so you’ll need to request it.


Want to learn more about water backup coverage and how it can give you peace of mind as well as protection? Contact us! or give us a call! We can also provide you with a free policy review.