#Staylocal | My Bookworm Box

#Staylocal | My Bookworm Box

| April 10, 2020

We are pretty excited to introduce our next #staylocal feature, My Bookworm Box,  a read and return kids book club! Which truly could not come at a better time, seeing as we find ourselves spending more time at home. 

The story behind My Bookworm Box stood out to us. Community is so important to the Crunelle Family, and we love to show our support for fellow local businesses who share the same passion and commitment for our community we all get to call home!

Amy Kelly, creator of The Bookworm Box, started her company when her own children were in kindergarten! It was designed for every on-the-go mom, and dad, out there who doesn't have the time (and now that we can't!) to go to the library or bookstore every week. 

Now, you are able to plug back into sit down at your home office with a clear mind and enjoy that morning cup of coffee for an extra minute or two - The Bookworm Box has you covered! 

The Bookworm Box is a read and return kids book club that has been providing books to the community for 2 years now!

How does it work?

Its AMAZING! They mail you a box of books to read. Once you are done, you return that box for your new one. That's right, you don't have to do a thing. Parents commence cheering!

You also have the option to purchase any books you love and want to keep in your home library! 

And here is the real kicker, once their books have been read by just the right number of children, they retire to a home of a child who is in need of books via Reading is Fundamental.


The Bookworm Box's mission is to provide parents with books for their children to read for the recommended daily 10-15 minutes of reading. And, the delivery of My Bookworm Box boxes will re-energize your child's love of reading! And that is mission we support!

We asked Amy, if you could give one piece of advice, what would it be? 

"schedule 5 minutes a day to read!"

Be sure to sign up with them today!