#Staylocal | Alyssa's Healthy Donuts

#Staylocal | Alyssa's Healthy Donuts

| February 28, 2020
To serve and love people while providing them healthier choices. That is the mission of Alyssa's Healthy Donuts.

Alyssa started this journey 2 years ago and her favorite thing about the business is that it was created unintentionally. They were actually in the middle of re-modeling their home kitchen when things took off! How amazing!

As word spread about Alyssa's Healthy Donuts they began to cram their oven into the tiniest rooms in their house and started filling orders with only one donut pan. It was a journey neither one of them knew would take them to where they are today, Not to mention her mom just had back surgery but didn’t hesitate for one second to stay up until 2am to bake donuts with Alyssa - now that is the best business partner anyone could ever ask for!  

The donut recipe itself originated out of Alyssa wanting to find something that satisfied her cravings while trying to eat healthier. After many attempts at making something that would curb the legendary sweet tooth, they finally felt like they had something that was actually satisfying, and filling, while not taking up day’s worth of macros and calories. From there the donut was born.

Alyssa's Healthy Donuts main focus is on loving others and giving back (plus healthy donuts are kind of a rare thing lol ;) so that also makes it unique). Such a cool journey!

We asked Alyssa's Healthy Donuts if they could give one piece of advice what would it be?

"To serve and love people while providing them healthier choices"

Alyssa's Healthy Donuts